How it Works

So! The company SeneGence sells their product to you at a percentage off of retail. You sell for retail price and earn a profit on each item. Full wholesale price can be equated to PV.

If you place an order for 300PV ($600 retail <– what you earn, $300 wholesale <– what you pay).

I’ve seen so many achieve ENORMOUS success with SeneGence!

I mean, watch this video:

This stuff is an incredible advancement in the world of makeup!

How to Sign Up!Β 

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and select “Click Here to Sign Up Now”.
  3. Type “277355” for “Sponsor’s Distributor ID Number” and select “Individual Account”.
  4. Finish your registration and choose theΒ $55 application fee. Do not pick any other “kits” that they offer! These do not count towards your PV!
  5. Then, you’re ready to roll!

If you so choose, place an order for 300 PV or more to earn 50% off your stock!

Start with a BANG!

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Print out your goals for the first 30 days!