Many new users to SeneGence’s principal cosmetic LipSense have experienced what has, until now, been termed “the exfoliation phase”.

Two reasons so many experience a period of time in which their lips struggle to become healthy enough to support longer wear times using LipSense are fairly common ones.

ONE – Very few people, even those in developed countries, fail to properly maintain the hydration necessary for the delicate skin that envelopes our beautiful face holes.

TWO – Some even accelerate the decline of lip health with waxes that prevent hydration or the natural loss of skin cells that slough off during the day.

So let’s break it down!

#1 – Did you know that many of us suffer from chronic dehydration?

Nature provides the necessary moisture from our saliva and the foods/liquids we consume to keep these gorgeous vermilion borders and their fleshy innards, nice and well hydrated.Β Yet, many of us take this process for granted and fail to ensure our own optimal level of hydration.

Various sources suggest approximately 70-75% of those privileged enough to live in developed countries suffer from chronic dehydration.Β So, ask yourself…

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Are you dehydrated right now?

  • Is your saliva sticky or slick?
  • When did you last have a sip of water?
  • Do you keep a glass or bottle by your side throughout the day?
  • Lightly pinch your skin throughout the day, does it fall back into place relatively quickly?

Grab a cup of water, and let’s continue the discussion…Β 

Mini-Review of the Science behind LipSense…

LipSense functions by using denatured, cosmetic-grade alcohol to gently and quickly deliver a series of pigments/micas in layers over the lips. A specialized gloss then seals the acrylates found in these pigments in place to create a barrier or second skin. The gloss is considered specialized as it is mostly comprised of a high concentration of synthetic beeswax.

Read more about the ingredients and mechanisms at play in the LipSense color here.

#2 – The type of wax found in your lip cosmetics matter!

Synthetic beeswax in an interesting substance in our gloss that allows for mutual permeability (moisture in and out through the lips).Β One reason why SeneGence promotes itself as having a “wax free” lip color (technically true as the wax isn’t found within the color but applied later using the gloss to enhance and seal the color while also promoting healthy and hydrated lips, sneaky!) is to highlight a prominent difference in its formulation to the majority of its large competitors.

Many use some form of beeswax or other sealants that often, prevents permeability. Meaning, these substances coat the lips in wax preventing them from receiving the hydration found in say drinking a glass of water.

Read more about the ingredients and mechanism at play in the LipSense gloss here.

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This is why, upon initial application, many lip products leave the lips feeling silky soft, that is until they wear off leaving the user feeling the effects of the hydration denied to their lips over the past couple of hours. Much like cheap hair conditioner! This forces the user to apply and reapply, all while accelerating the damage the delicate skin that resides on the lips.

Clearly, some are better than others, yet what makes SeneGence’s lip product truly unique is its two step application. One depositing the color via alcohol evaporation. The other by applying a moisture-promoting, synthetic wax and a high concentration of Shea butter and other natural substances that aid in the health and beauty of human lips.Β This two step process allows for greater control of the color applied and allows the user to apply as much Gloss as they see fit without the constant addition of acrylates or alcohol. Common competitors in the field of long-lasting cosmetics formulate their products into one container, reducing the extremely costly square footage they require in your local convenience store while also cutting production and shipping costs. All of which is really no big deal assuming the ingredients used in these products are not cumulatively harmful to the body. A concern which is heightened by the continuous need for reapplication.

One huge issue I have commonly found in videos and reviews of others using LipSense for the first time is the mention of a burning sensation on their lips caused by the alcohol in the color.

Dehydrated lips will have small cracks exposing the immense number of nerve endings found on the lips that aid in acts of eating, kissing, drinking, etc. These cracks will respond to contact with alcohol much in the same way any wounded portion of your skin would. It will burn and can hurt fairly badly.

Each time one of these videos is posted to Facebook or YouTube, many users will agree with the burning eliciting well-meaning responses from SeneGence distributors with the whole speech on lip health will improve over time and the mention of the “exfoliation phase” that typically goes as follows…

Your lips are damaged from the build up of wax on your skin put their by the use of x, y, and z inferior products and thus your lips are now shedding the wax and unhealthy layer of skin cells creating flaking and reducing the wear time/efficacy of LipSense.

– What most Distributors have essentially been trained to claim in aide to their customer’s transition to SeneGence’s LipSense

This is quickly followed in the comments section by an onslaught of angry customers, as they feel this speech sounds truly ridiculous.

Can cosmetics really deposit wax onto the lips that lasts for days, weeks, and months after their application to create said build up? Until my recent dive into the depths of primary literature sources, I was unsure. But the answer is now clear. No, they do not.

Inferior (let’s define this, as I don’t want to imply that a product not created by SeneGence is immediately inferior, let’s define “inferior” as products containing impermeable wax, or beeswax, or other substances that can or could, in fact, create long term damage to the lips by preventing the natural cycle of skin shedding and hydration via proper hydration) products can truly damage your lips but this is not the result of long-term wax deposition.

Okay, so the exfoliation phase is officially out. Let’s talk about what is really happening to your lips.Β 

1️⃣ Let’s assume you’re one of the 70-75% of women in a developed country who has not maintained perfect hydration every day for a period of one month or more.

2️⃣ Let’s also say, you’ve damaged your lips further by sealing them with some form of impermeable wax preventing them from coming in contact with the little bits of water, soda, and/or wine/beer you are consuming.

Yes, when you apply LipSense (an alcohol-accelerated pigmentation deposit product that results in incredibly long wear time) you will, 100%, feel a burn ranging from a tingle to holy-crap-my-lips-are-melting-off-my-face depending on the severity of your lip damage/dehydration.

Remember, this product sits upon your lips in the form of an acrylamide layer. It adheres strongly to the skin cells on your lips (providing long wear times). Therefore, if you have less than optimal lip health, you’re really going to notice it while wearing LipSense.

You will, in this case, 100% experience flaking, cracking, etc. as the product was designed to allow dual permeability and prevent further dehydration by coating the lips in anΒ impermeable wax. You will feel every little cell as it sloughs off as it is attached to the acrylamide layer. But, if long wear times, waterproof coverage, and healthier lips are really all that important to you, your lip health will improve if you stick with applying the gloss at night and caring for your body.

Contact your local Distributor if you need more help! They’ve all been through this little transition phase themselves and can provide even more guidance on the matter.

Want an analogy?

Think of nail polish… I know it isn’t particularly savory or socially-acceptable to refer to SeneGence’s LipSense product as “nail polish for your face hole” but the statement is fairly accurate.

Both nail polish and LipSense are comprised of acrylates that form layers of mechanically-bonded substances to protect or enhance their respective portions of the body.

Obviously, nail polish was designed for the keratinous and scale-like growths on the ends of our hands and feet. Synonymously, LipSense was specifically designed to do mechanically bond in acrylate layers to protect/enhance human lips.

Fun fact: Believe it or not, the protein that most abundantly comprises our nails, Keratin, is the same protein found in our skin (and hair for that matter).

Really, it shouldn’t be a big deal to promote LipSense as nail polish for your face hole, but women feel that it implies that dangerous, rigid, and flaky chemicals are being applied right to our lips, ripe for digestion. None of the ingredients that comprise LipSense have been scientifically found to have any acute or cumulative toxicant properties when applied correctly.

If you drank 15-20 tubes (at $25 a tube, that’s one heck of an expensive cocktail) of LipSense, you will most definitely experience extreme bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, and will have damaged portions of the skin along the larynx and within your stomach. So… just don’t drink it okay? Drink wine or beer like a normal human being, responsibly, okay?

So yes, it functions just like nail polish. If you have damaged, flaking, or otherwise compromised nails you too will experience flaking and decreased wear time with your nail color.

Alright! Time for my closing points (as they really cannot be categorized as arguments)…Β 

  • Let’s please stop using the phrase “exfoliation phase”. Our consumer base has spoken and they find the logic of the argument preposterous. It provided a simple explanation at the time, but now that we have the research to prove it, let’s avoid this misinformation from spreading any further. Share this blog post with your fan base if you’d like to clear up any misinformation you have unintentionally provided. They will understand.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water. Let’s make it a priority of ours to have beautiful, healthy lips with or without LipSense (audible gasps) but use LipSense as it was intended. As a beautiful accentuation of our lovely face holes.
  • Ask your customer base to avoid anything abrasive (sugar scrubs, exfoliating face wash, etc.) to the lips prior to application. Using gentle lip scrubs can promote lip health and regeneration via the stimulation of blood flow and removal of dead skin cells.
  • Ask your client base to drink a glass of water before applying their color. It’s a healthy alternative and will minimize any burning they feel upon their first couple of weeks of application.
  • Please, encourage customers to buy 2 glosses with every 1 color. I know it sounds like a scam for profits but honestly, our most incredible product is, in my opinion, the gloss. They should apply it in the morning, go exercise or plan their goals for the day, drink a glass of water, and apply their color. Remove it at night with a gentle brown sugar lip scrub they can DIY. Then, apply their gloss one more time before bed. Truthfully, their lips will become healthy and more plump by the end of the week. Ask them to take before and after photos so they can fully appreciate their incredible lip transformation.
  • Never, ever peel your lips when/if they flake. Especially while wearing LipSense as it will damage the bejesus out of your lips. If the flaking is annoying you, just use a gentle lip scrub, apply Gloss, and reapply the color when you have a few minutes. Your need to reapply will decrease to once per day as the health of your lips improve.
  • I very much and inexplicably/unapologetically enjoy the phrase “face hole”.

Alright! Let’s delete all of our “exfoliation phase” graphics and set a whole new, honest explanation for what customers of LipSense are experiencing. Conquer on!