Hello everyone!

After our discovery as to the importance of daily goal development and tracking in a research study as to the best predictors of MLM success with over 600 participants of a major cosmetics MLM, months worth of exhaustive research was conducted to find the best practices as to goal setting, management, and achievement in the industry.

The cover of our new (undated) planner!

This planner is the result of those efforts. With a blueprint consisting of 7 annual goals, each with 4 milestones, and a weekly focus of 3 steps at a time, users receive a coordinated and thought-out approach to ensuring their goals remain at the forefront of their thoughts. We’ve seen great success with these principles and hope you enjoy the same victory. Go forth and conquer!

To the prompt, “I set and evaluate my progress on my goals daily”, 36.8% of distributors selected “Not true of me”. Let’s change that!

Your Greatest Year

By Vanessa Ralph


If you’re interested in trying before buying (I never buy a planner unless a company does this, so naturally I was excited to build the full planner and…), below is a link to a  30-day trial pdf with a similar format as the full planner:

NFMSS Goal Planner (30 Day Trial)

I hope this new year brings great heights for all of you! Take care!