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Dream: Earn a Ph.D., expand my understanding of the world, & give my family the life they deserve πŸ’•βš—

Meet the Nerds! πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

Meet our Team of Scientists Dedicated to your Success and Knowledge!Β 

Vanessa Ralph, M.Sc. MedicinalΒ Chemistry – University of Florida, B.S. in Biomedical Sciences – University of South Florida.





I was drawn to our products by the claim of “molecularly bonding” to the lips. I’ll be honest here, I thought this was a crock of … you know. But after researching the science of various cosmetics, I fell in love.

So I started a little Facebook group to share what I’d learned. Next thing you know we’re 5,000 members strong. Just goes to show you what a dedicated, hard-working bunch of brainy beauties we all are. Thank you so much for participating in our Facebook group, supporting us on Patreon, and supporting our blog. Means the world to all of us!

Dr. Christina Mossaad, M.S., Ph.D. in Materials Engineering with a Speciality in Inorganic Biomaterials from Rutgers University





I hold a few patents myself and have been part of the review process for a few peer reviewed journals looking for expertise in Hydroxyapatite.

The patented technology is what brought this babywearing mama to lipsense, I love that we have the technology behind the brush, I think it makes for a stronger movement in this new wave of high tech cosmetics.

Mom to 4, homeschooler, and owner of another business that keeps me busy, I hope to help as often as possible!


pasted image 0.jpg
Dr. Joann Arce, Ph.D. Currently a PostDoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School in Pediatric Infectious Disease and Vaccinology.





I do research full time at Boston Children’s Hospital and my background is Molecular Biology and Systems Biology looking at the interaction of genes and proteins after vaccination in newborns. I study these to learn about newborn’s distinct immune system and in the future to develop improved vaccines.

I got intrigued by the β€œmolecular bonding” in lipsense (which at first is a broad and an undefined term in a scientist’s perspective) and how I wish I don’t see any more lipstick marks in my lab coats. True enough, I have been addicted to them (in a good way).

Erin Hourihan, B.S. in Forestry and Rangeland Management and M.S. in Animal Science from the University of Nevada, Reno.

I work as an ecologist for a branch of the USDA, called the Natural Resources Conservation Service. I spend my days collecting data and writing documents about plant-soil relationships in the semi-arid West.

I have experience with botany and plant taxonomy. I coach FFA students, am board member of the Nevada Native Plant Society, a gardener, an aspiring herbalist and an all around plant nerd.

I joined Senegence to diversify my income, while still being able to spend time with my daughter. I was intrigued by the idea of a long-lasting lip color! Perfect for a field scientist and outdoorsy girl! I am interested in the workings of the botanical ingredients and plant science side of these products. Β Β 

Rhetta Parnas, M.Sc. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Canada aye!

I have a M.Sc. in biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. My thesis in undergrad was on aquatic toxicology, and my masters was more physical chemistry related: I studied protein structures using NMR.

I spent a few years teaching yoga, travelled to India, and now make my home in Montreal with my partner Matt and our almost 2-year old son. I tutor math and science at the high school and college levels. I love explaining science so that anyone can understand it. So happy to also help with that here for my SeneSisters!

Bree Buchman, B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

I have always been interested in researching ingredients and how they work (I want to be a dentist some day and all those dental supplies amaze me).

I am in love at what this product has done for me and I love being able to break down the science so others can spread knowledge about the product too.

Rachel Messier, Senior and Double Major in Chemistry and Biotechnology with a concentration in Biochemistry working as a lab tech at Worcester Polytechnic Institutes.

I came to lipsense out of sheer curiosity and found myself amazed by the sheer genius of the science they utilize. I look forward to digging deeper to help you ladies learn more and get you excited about science!

I am a senior double majoring in chemistry and biotechnology with a concentration in biochemistry. I currently work as a lab technician at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in chemical engineering and Worcester State University in chemistry. I will soon be moving towards a PhD hopefully in molecular cellular biology or medicinal chemistry to work in research for protein manipulation with drug/treatment design for disease prevention. I am part of 5 honor society’s, vice president of my chapter of Gamma sigma epsilon (National chemistry honor society). I have also presented research for fingerprinting cement in correlation with forensic analysis for the national science foundation conference and am awaiting publishing of several submitted papers. I also have conducted three semesters of research in mesothelioma cancer at my home university.

12 thoughts on “Meet the Nerds! πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

  1. My husband won’t use our Nangai Oil because he says it has urea in it and that is like using urine on your face. Your thoughts? Sheesh!


  2. Hi! I was wondering how do I find out the ingredients of the synthetic beeswax used in the gloss? Is it derived from lanolin oil or do u guys know?


  3. What is it about Lipsense that it lasts so much longer than lipstick (Also, why does your regular lipstick need to be tossed after a year?)


  4. If I made graphics quoting or paraphrasing some of your articles and cited it as such (“taken from Nerdy for My SeneSisters” or “adapted from Nerdy for My SeneSisters”), would that be ok?
    As a teacher/science nerd/SeneGence enthusiast, I would love to share your knowledge in small chunks to my clients.


  5. Hello SeneSisters! I just recently signed up, and so I’m trying to do a lot of research on the products. I’m a scientist myself (nutrition and food science, so chemistry is not really my forte!) and I’m such a fan of this site and these resources! I have a billion questions, but first, do you have any recommendations for lip balm that doesn’t provide just an impermeable wax barrier, and actually hydrates your lips and lets moisture in? I’m assuming the SeneGence lip balm πŸ™‚ Other than synthetic beeswax, are there other ingredients that do the same, and allow for a permeable barrier? Thank you!!


  6. I love SeneGence products but the skincare breaks me out in a red itchy rash and I’m wondering what it might be that is causing this. The first time it happened it was definitely the cleanser so I stopped that and only used the moisturizer and eye cream then last week I added climate control and seneserum c and it happened again. I can send pics if it would help. I will pay the $5 to join but can’t do so until the 15th


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